‘Final Space’ has rocketing comedy that brings it to interstellar heights

New sci-fi comedy introduces a new brand of humor 

“Final Space” is a new sci-fi comedy series created by independent filmmaker Olan Rogers, with David Sacks, well known for his work on “3rd Rock from the Sun,” serving as the showrunner.

The series follows the story of Gary Goodspeed (Rogers), a man serving a solitary prison sentence for impersonating an Infinity Guard pilot in an attempt to impress a woman and subsequently causing massive property damage. As the end to his five-year sentence draws close, Gary longs for actual companionship, as the only beings on the ship are the overly annoying robot KVN (Fred Armisen) and the ship’s AI and prison warden HUE (Tom Kenny). When Gary encounters a small green alien that he dubs Mooncake, Gary believes his isolation to be over as he has found a real friend. However, the evil Lord Commander (David Tennant) is after Mooncake; referring to him as a “planet destroyer,” he will stop at nothing to get him. Gary and his growing group of allies will work together to protect Mooncake from the Lord Commander and save the galaxy from a growing gravitational anomaly

Final Space has an intriguing plot and well-written, fast-paced comedy. With each episode building on the mystery surrounding Mooncake and why the Lord Commander wants him, Rogers is steadily creating a universe that viewers are genuinely interested in. The jokes in the show are rapid fire, with most actually sticking. This rapid-fire comedy mixed with legitimate action scenes makes it so there’s rarely a dull moment in the show. Gary’s manic personality, only exacerbated by his isolation, is contrasted with the more serious cast members that are part of his crew. The show even boasts the skills of veteran actors Steven Yeun, David Tennant and Ron Perlman.

With strong comedy, action and plot, “Final Space,” airing Mondays on TBS, is one new show viewers should keep their eye on.


Cast: A

Script: A+

Animation: B

Soundtrack: B

Overall: A-

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