Seniors assist younger students

Collegiate students present topics to classes

After watching them face the struggle of addiction, 18-year-old Jasmine Pena worried every day for the well-being of her mother and father.

Her parents, addicted to meth, were in and out of jail most of her life.

“My mom would steal from any store she could; my step-dad was a compulsive liar, and it was very obvious that they did not get enough sleep,” Pena said, struggling with tears.

Pena told her story with her teammates at the Collegiate Inspiring Volunteerism in the Community (CIVIC) presentation forum, which is dedicated to informing younger students at Collegiate High School. Pena and her team presented on drug abuse and the effects of meth and heroin.

All seniors devoted time to volunteer, interview and research the material they feel their generation should be aware of.

Collegiate history and economics teacher Denis Wisner organized the annual CIVIC forum for students and staff and said during the event he was proud of his students taking a part in the community.

Twenty groups presented at the March 9 event, ensuring the crowd learned something new or how to prevent something. Seniors demonstrated matters on self-confidence, healthy eating, the Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA), fake news, construction in Corpus Christi, physiological behavior and much more.

The 2018 Collegiate seniors were the first of past senior classes to present in front of the entire student body and visitors, along with being live-streamed.

Micaela Chisel, a sophomore student who was sitting in the crowd, felt an importance to the topics being presented.

“A few were really sad and some needed more happiness in them but they showed very serious topic,” Chisel said.

Pena, who had the audience teary eyed and captivated by her story, said her and her family’s life has changed for the better.

“My mom has been clean for almost two years now,” Pena said in tears as the crowd clapped. “Unfortunately my step-dad has been in jail for 15 months but he has also clean and been aware of everything we’ve been through. I am very blessed my parents have overcome the struggle of drug addiction, considering it’s almost impossible.”

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