Speaker offers tips on success in life

Listening to Ernesto Mejia of Coolspeak, addictive studies major Ron Lindaquist was inspired by his speech and learned new interaction skills for his profession.

“I learned to address people in a polite and professional way,” Lindaquist said, adding that the advice helps him get the point across to his peers to assist them with whatever they might need.

The event was put together by Student Leadership and Campus Life and the Student Success Center. Mejia spoke to male students and staff in the Retama Room about succeeding in college while getting the most out of their education.

Mejia discussed how getting involved in many activities, clubs, etc. while attending college can help prepare students for life after graduation.

“Don’t just make college a parking spot; if you do you miss out on many eye-opening activities,” he said.

Mejia said doing so will help prepare yourself for life while figuring out why you are in college and avoiding the “10 year plan.“

“If you don’t want to be introduced to the 10-year plan, get involved, talk to other people and see what these other clubs are about,” he said.

When discussing how employers are looking for and how grades aren’t in the top 8 things they’re looking for, Mejia added that grades aren’t unimportant as well as adding advice on skill building.

While grades are important, they aren’t the first thing employers look for, he said.

“In your resume, you need to show learned leadership skills by being in clubs,” he said. “Showing those characteristics and traits on your resume come from learning, which takes place from what you get outside of the classroom.”

Court reporting major Luis Ramirez was moved by Mejia’s advice.

“This will assist me in making my resume for my potential career,” Ramirez said. He also added that he would learn how to ask for assistance in making a resume when the time comes.

In addition to talking in the Retama Room, Mejia also spoke to a mix of students and staff in the Student Success Center in the St. Clair Building, passing on advice to help both men and women get the most out of their time in college.

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