Me, my trench coat will be sorely missed

My time here at this institution has certainly been a new experience. I was homeschooled my entire life because of my father’s work and the possibility we may not stay in one place very long. However, my time here at Del Mar allowed me to explore what I wanted to do with my life and do so in a more social environment.

Initially starting as an English writing major, I developed my writing skills and was directed to the Foghorn News as a possible outlet. It was here that my passion for writing became a passion for news writing and reviewing.

I still recall and have in my possession the first article I wrote for The Foghorn, a review of the movie “Goosebumps.” Developing my skills from reviewing to news writing and gathering, photography and even editing, the Foghorn taught me skills I will need for my future.

Having taken the classes concurrently with many of our other graduating writers and editors and having the same professor, there was a sense of camaraderie and familiarity.

The classes and the newspaper seemed more like a job with co-workers and friends than an actual class. This place helped shape the type of person I would become.

Hours spent in the lab were filled with wit and laughter as we interacted. From discovering the do’s and don’ts of using a microwave, to what may have been the most heartbreaking critique a class has ever received on their photo essay, to Professor Robert Muilenburg’s desire for the men in his classes to just get a damn haircut, I personally will be talking about the events that happened here and the people I’ve know for years to come.

Wherever I end up after I graduate, I will always remember the experiences and times I had here at Del Mar and at the Foghorn. I thank Muilenburg, lab adviser Scott Beckett, and the editors and writers who have come and gone throughout my time here that made this part of my life something to look back on fondly, and a template to look forward to in my future endeavors.

To a young adult who had never experienced a real school setting, this place is the best I could have ever asked for. So long, so long, so long. Oh, and thanks for all the cake.

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