This is Jonny G., logging off…

What can I say about my six years at Del Mar College and my time spent with the Foghorn News staff?

Well, it’s safe to say that I finally have made it through the end of this long crazy journey that I call college life. It was like it was almost yesterday when I was approached by my adviser Robert Muilenburg to join the staff back in fall 2012 after being impressed by my photos and writing reviews for the Foghorn. After accidentally leaking out Liam Hemsworth’s fate in “Expendables 2,” I immediately thought to myself, “Ok, I think after reading this, they’re probably going to kick me off the staff and tell me to rethink my major.”

Thankfully, that review was a learning experience. Years later, I was covering events ranging from job fairs to live streaming President Donald Trump’s visit to Annaville after Hurricane Harvey hit. And also, when I became Entertainment Editor for the Foghorn News, I was ecstatic because of my autism, I never really was able to express myself but this program helped me get into my comfort zone and boosted my confidence.

I’ve been to many conferences in San Antonio, Tyler, Dallas, Arlington, but the one conference that stood out for me was when I went to Washington, D.C. It was an experience for me as I traveled out of state by myself, got to hear some great speakers there including Donna Brazille, and even got a photo next to the Lincoln Memorial.

But the biggest surprise of all came at my last semester where I won first place at TIPA for my video review I did for “Justice League.” I had to pinch myself when I got the news because I thought to myself, “Did I really just win first for me just talking about a DC comics flick in my bedroom?” But this to me was an experience I am forever thankful for and I want to thank my advisers Muilenburg and Scott “Scotty B” Beckett for believing in me in making those videos.

I also want to thank the editors who were also a part of this journey that helped and believed in me, Cody, Raul, Sam, Cayce, Colby, Natalie and Mark you guys are amazing. I will forever remember my six years spent with the Foghorn News and I look forward to seeing what happens next.

This is Jonny G, signing off.

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