Stone Writing Center both old and wise

For over 40 years the Stone Writing Center has been dedicated to offering professional writing tips and instruction to Del Mar students and members of the local community. Established in 1976, it is one of the oldest writing centers in the Southwest Conference.

“We’ve been around for a long time, switched many buildings, but ultimately, our main goal is and always has been, to help students understand that everyone can improve their writing,” said Assistant Instructor Margot Sorrell. She added that they just want students to feel comfortable and confident as writers.

“Here they make it so much clearer, it’s one on one sessions and that really helps to break everything down,” said Alanah Means. She goes to the Center two times a week to get tips and consultation for her writing ideas.

“They help me support my own ideas. Like they don’t throw away my idea and try to put something new in its place, they help me strengthen my own,” added Means.

Many DMC professors from all different departments refer their students to the SWC. English professor Carrie Butler thinks the SWC has an ideal study atmosphere and environment, “It’s a great quiet atmosphere and my students who come to the SWC always make better grades,” Butler said.

The staff at the SWC are all degreed professionals that sit down with students in one on one sessions. There is also a robust online tutoring program in Canvas which is accessible 24/7. The center itself is fully equipped with iMacs, Surface Pros, and Smartboards, all available to the students for use.

For students who might need a break from their work, the SWC has a recharge zone with FREE COFFEE!

“We’re not just a tutoring center here, we’re also a haven for students who might need a little recharge. We always have coffee; and people from every part of campus will make the trip to the Fourth floor of the library here just to get some!” said Laurie Jones, Assistant Instructor.

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