Academic success concern brought to regents attention

It’s the semester of cleaning up, says Del Mar officials

The Board of Regents raised concern in a recent meeting after Beth Lewis, chief academic officer, discussed more topics pertaining to the audit situation that was discussed in the last meeting.

“It’s a clean-up semester,” McDonald said.

Many of the policies that were changed for the purpose of the audit had other policies that coincided with it.

“The commission is constantly approving and reapproving/refining standards on a regular basis,” President Mark Escamilla said.

“It’s a matter of staying in sync with them,” Escamilla said.

Board Chairman Trey McCampbell made sure to get the message straight as to why Del Mar policies are not up to date.

“You don’t know something is out of compliance until you look or it,” Lewis said after McCampbell addressed the issue with her.

The regents were under the impression that the policies were not up to date due to the high risk items that were brought up in the audit.

There was once again assurance that the problems Del Mar are facing are normal and simply part of protocol that has to be followed when changing regulations.

The regents also expressed excitement for Del Mar’s West Campus after the Type A Award gave Del Mar $236 million to fund a new buildings to benefit major specific programs.

In recent years Del Mar has received this award, the most recent being in 2014, which influenced the latest building addition to the West Campus.

Lenora Keas, vice president of Workforce Development and Strategic Initiatives, explained that the money would go toward new labs for process technology majors and industrial machining majors.

These labs will consist of real life workplace scenarios so that the student scan interact with their major in the way that they would be once they graduated.

The implementation of these new buildings is a new effort to get student success higher.

Lewis gave an update on the QEP (quality enhancement plan), that is in place for students.

The QEP is a single document that notifies the college what causes for concern are present. One of the major issues that was brought to the attention of the regents was academic success.

Lewis asked herself and the regents, “What is it that the students want more opportunity of?”

The QEP team is brainstorming trying to decide what it is that students want to hear about that can benefit them and bring them more success.

Escamilla ensured that success would be achieved and expressed excitement for all the “firsts” that the college has to look forward to.

In the semester to come, Del Mar is doing their first 5-year tenure which Escamilla ensured would bring clarity and a better understanding of the topics that are hazy.

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