Volleyball to start intramural season

New season brings students to meet new people

The start of the fall Intramurals season is fast approaching. The first event is Wednesday Night Volleyball beginning on Sept. 12.

With new nighttime events this semester, students have even more to look forward to.

“Getting to know more people, meet new people, interact with like staff, or faculty and stuff like that. Just having a good time,” physical therapy major Agapita Castillo said about what she was more excited about.

Intramurals is a great way for people to get away from the classrooms and just relax and have fun. Del Mar student Nadia Barrera is most exited to release her stress in a game of dodgeball.

“If you are playing in one of these events you’ll probably get to knock somebody out. Just like put all your stress into a throw,” Barrera jokingly said.

The volleyball event will be in the gym inside of the Kinesiology Building. You hopefully won’t be knocking people out, but don’t be afraid to come and join in on the fun.

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