Strutting into the spooky season

Warren Maxwell

When it comes to self-expression, English composition major Jordan Bangert stands above the rest. With a clear love for the dark and alluring, Bangert has no problem showing off exactly who she is. From exotic and detailed necklaces to combat boots and laced stockings, Bangert takes the darkest of style archetypes and turns them into her own unique vision. Inspired by the iconic Morticia Addams, Bangert has a definite love for all things Halloween. With a style as dreadfully elegant as the fictional matriarch who entices it, Bangert’s fashion sense will leave you feeling truly bewitched.

Q: When you go out to shop what goes through your mind whenever you’re picking out clothes?

A: First thing that goes through my mind is whether or not it’s going to fit correctly. I do have a very small and petite frame, but yet I have really long legs and a really short torso. So it’s hard to find items that are going to complement my body correctly, so the fitting room is a stop I absolutely have to make to see if it fits right.

Q: How would you describe your style?

A: I guess I would describe it as messy Goth because I’m kind of all over the place. I mean I can get very business chic, to nerd Goth, Victorian, 1920s, 1950s, I’m kind of all over the place.


Q: Do you pull any of your style from fictional characters?

A: Yes and No. I emphasize a lot of green in my outfits but that’s mostly because of Slytherin. And I know darker greens look good on me. I pull a little bit from “American Horror Story,” “The Coven,” or just witch movies in general.


Q: If you could meet anyone that inspires your style who would it be?

A: It would be more along the lines of Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert. That’s because Adam Lambert is really dark with a lot of his stuff. Lady Gaga is all over the place, and she expresses herself without any thought to it; she just does whatever she wants.


Q: What is your favorite color to wear and why?

A: My first obvious answer is black just because it goes with everything. But I think my actual favorite color to wear is purple but it’s hard to find it.


Q: What’s the one accessory you cant live without?

A: It’s probably my life token bracelet., but that’s just because they have words on it and if there’s something I need to remind myself of. It may stick out on some outfits, but it’s just something that I almost never take off.

Q: Do you feel that your style has evolved since you’ve grown up?

A: Yes! When I was in school I was kind of playing with the Goth feel, but I wasn’t entirely sure how to go about it. I just knew I didn’t want black to be everywhere, but once I started going out and finding the places that I shop at now that’s when I started really evolving. But even now I’m still evolving all the time especially when I find new pieces, but I know my whole entire style has changed.

Q: How do you feel others view your style?

A: Honestly like I may be crazy. I know I stick out from the crowd a lot just because I wear all black half the time, and my umbrella doesn’t help anything at all. It’s kind of also the way I use my style. I manipulate other people into thinking I have confidence and I’m sure of myself, and I’m not afraid to be apart from the crowd. Normally I’m not but as someone with social anxiety that’s something I’m constantly thinking about all day. But even thin my outfit does help me feel a bit more secure which is why I wear so much black. When wearing black on someone like me it feels safe.

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