Del Mar College students transformed into sci-fi creations as they invited students and the community to their final project of the semester.

Students in the Drama 1341 make-up class hosted “Creatures of a Paradise-Lost,” creating their own alien characters.

“My alien backstory is I’m a queen named Idira and I’m from a planet called Ithicka and so I’m their ruler. I chose to be an ice queen because I really like the cooler colors,” said liberal arts major Marisa Chamberlain. “We had to make our own planets and planet Ithicka is just a planet of ice and snow and flurries and all the people there look like me but I’m their queen.”

The event, in its 13th year, was the students’ final project in the make-up class. Every semester students create their own character and planet, design their own make-up, blurb about their characters, the costumes, prosthetics, head pieces and props for their final project.

Throughout the semester students got the chance to do about seven projects that teach different techniques and at the end of the semester they get to incorporate all they learned.

“The students have been wonderful in class and I’m looking forward to their final projects,” said Shara Haghjoo, associate professor of drama. This is not a face-painting class. It’s make-up for special effects in stage and films and so you’re creating a story and a character so you have to be true to the script and true to the story you are trying to tell. … Everything comes to view like English, writing, art, music and all the elements of art come into this one presentation.”

Patrick Luce

Patrick Luce is a photographer/reporter for the Del Mar College Foghorn. He has been on staff since Fall 2015 and is currently majoring in Journalism. You can reach Patrick via e-mail at or follow him on Twitter @patrickmluce.

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