Thank you, DMC, for giving me a start

There’s a lot to be said about my time as a Viking. From the long hours spent in the journalism lab to sloppy wet kisses that could be received from Fred the dog, Del Mar provided a community I grew to love.

Everyone can relate to the feeling of being stuck, not knowing where you’re going or what your next course of action is. That’s how I entered Del Mar.

Through the various classes and professors I was introduced to, I was given opportunities that I never knew existed for me.

I am a public relations major who didn’t have the slightest clue what direction to go in until I stumbled upon the second floor of the Harvin Center and read the big blue letters “FOGHORN JOURNALISM.” I fell in love with the environment and quickly realized I was finally with the right group of people.

Working for the Foghorn gave me a challenge. I had never written a story or conducted an interview with people who weren’t my classmates so breaking out of my shell took longer than I anticipated. The Foghorn also created connections for me that I never thought I could maintain and excel in.

Del Mar officials know me by name and respect me, which is more than any 20-year-old can ask. Knowing this and knowing I have built connections for myself that can help me succeed makes me all the more grateful for the Foghorn.

I will be saying bye to many friends that I will miss dearly but I know my future as a TAMU-CC Islander will help me excel to the person I can become.

This semester I had the wonderful privilege of being able to sit as the editor-in-chief for the Foghorn News, where I was accompanied by three other editors.

To the women who stood as editors with me in this semester, thank you. Jaylyn, Cat and Michelle, you all have shown me that there is no boundary for creativity. You find the spark and you keep going with it until you succeed. You ladies have shown me that, and I will be forever indebted to you all for that.

To my wonderful adviser Robert Muilenburg and even more wonderful lab adviser Scott Beckett, I also wish to say thank you for always pushing me to my limit but never letting me break. You two exude the charisma of knowledge and passion that has never gone unnoticed by me. No matter where my life takes me and the success I will encounter, I will always be a direct product of you all and I have no problem with that.

Of course I can’t leave out a thank you to my parents for showing excitement and enthusiasm for every project and task I took on especially the newspaper. The thrill of having your hard work be displayed somewhere like the Foghorn News was something I always took pride in. Without my parents I believe my drive and passion would be absent. They taught me to do something and do it to my best extent and I only hope I have done just that so that I can make them proud.

Lastly I would just like to add a note for readers. I am a 20-year-old who is taking 18 hours along with working a job and holding my position as an editor. The road was hard; in fact, almost unbearable at times. Doing everything seemed like such an impossible task that haunted me and created anxieties for myself I never knew existed. But at the end of the day, I had everyone I thanked waiting to lend a helping hand. So to my readers, I stress that anything is possible and sometimes your biggest support system doesn’t have to be your family but the community you surround yourself with daily.

Del Mar offered a support system and an open door for all my future successes, and to them I say thank you with the deepest sincerity I can.

Erin Garza – Granados

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