Netflix paints art film with comedic gore

Mark Steger portrays the robotic art instillation piece, the Hoboman, which plays an important part in the film “Velvet Buzzsaw.”

When it comes to art, some do it just to tell a story, while others do it for the money. 

Netflix’s newest original movie, “Velvet Buzzsaw” from director Dan Gilroy, is filled with an A-list cast such as Jake Gyllenhaal, Rene Russo and Zawe Ashton.

Gyllenhaal plays an art critic known as the great Morf Vandewait. A review from him could make or break an artist trying to make it into the industry. Russo plays Rhodora Haze, an art dealer who pretty much sold herself out to the industry. Ashton plays Josephina, a young art dealer trying to make it in the industry.

I would give this movie a B for being a little cheesy at times, but others may view it in different ways. Watching it the first time it would hold me to the suspense of what is going to happen next but after viewing it a second time and couple times more I would notice events in the background. 

The foreshadowing of what is to come to the victims of this spirit and what his message was is well handled. 

Not all art should be for profit. Some artists are just trying to keep you aware of the mind of an individual — is it a cry for help or are they trying to keep us aware of the world that is happening around us?  

The piece of art that stood out most in this film was Hoboman. The message he was trying to say is that some individuals may be so caught up in their own lives of wanting more that they don’t realize what is going on in the real world outside their own little bubble. 

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