Friendships never end – sometimes

Becoming friends with a co-worker can be challenging, not only in a workplace but outside of it as well. Yes, it is easy to fall for a friendship on the job but the actual challenge is the friendship developed off of reality. 

At work, we are surrounded by many personalities that may be similar or attractive. That causes us to obtain some kind of connection with another. Having a job opens up the ability to meet and experience different people, but the one thing that we tend to stray from is the job itself. 

On the job, you have duties to attend to and tasks to complete. Building a friendship with a co-worker can sometimes take the importance of the job away because our feelings get in the mix. Whether it be your career or just a job to get by, building a friendship with co-workers can cause a blind-sight of our own goals. 

It is OK to stray away from having a strong relationship with fellow co-workers. It is actually advised to keep it strictly professional and not personal. Allowing co-workers to know more of your personal life can cause a dent in your own job. It may not be a big deal but it opens up the opportunity for conflict. 

Hanging out with co-workers outside of work is not always bad, just don’t make it a regular thing. This allows more conflict into the workplace. As people get to know you outside of work, the atmosphere changes and the job is overlooked. I’m not saying that getting to know your co-workers is forbidden, just keep it on the down low as some people can use it as leverage. 

As individuals, we always need to be careful and be mindful of our surroundings. We must think of ourselves first as it is ourselves that we are working for. Don’t let friendships at work ruin your passion, your career, your duty — because in the end of it all, that is what really matters. 

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