Where were you during 9/11 and what do you remember?

Erin Russell, diagnostic medical sonography

I was at work and we had the television on in the back office and I watched the second plane hit the tower. It was awful, I just remember crying and it being a really sad day.

Estevan Guerra, student life specialist

I was in seventh grade going from math to social studies. I remember all the TVs were on and we just watched the second plane hit, after that people got pulled out of school early.

Heather Lee Meza, Campus Dining worker

I was a student here working at the library. We had big TVs in there and I remember somebody saying ‘look they hit the buildings,’ then somebody else said ‘here comes another plane’ and we watched it hit the building. I left school, I picked up my kids and we went home.

Kenny Jones, radiology

I was in the fifth grade and I remember watching everything happen on TV. I remember everyone depressed and scared, then everyone came together the next day and loved on each other.

Sara Kaplan, associate professor of English

I was a college student working on campus at Sweet Briar College in Virginia. One minute I was just trying to figure out how to work the voicemail button and the next minute I was wondering what was happening.

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