$2.8M grant aids advertising

Del Mar College has been awarded $2.8 million by the U.S Department of Education to help with student advising.

The Title V grant will go toward Project SENDA, or Students Engaged in Direct Advising.

According to Rito Silva, vice president of student affairs, Del Mar College will hire more advisers to work with the Guided Pathway project to help students stay on track for graduation. 

“Students will benefit from the new advisers and their programs that are designed to keep students graduating on time with little to no debt,” Silva said.

DMC President Mark Escamilla said the grant will benefit all students.

“The goal of Project SENDA is to do all we can to increase the number of students who can take advantage of the career opportunities in this area,” Escamilla said. “Through Project SENDA Del Mar College will empower, train, and support faculty advisers in their role of improving student retention, persistence and graduation rates,” Escamilla said.

According to Board of Regents Chairwoman Carol Scott, the grant will put students on the path to success and emphasizing advising.

“In other words, giving students the information and tools that they need to make the best decisions for their education and their careers,” Scott said.

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