New bus route proves beneficial to students

For years, many students have split time between Del Mar and Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. And every semester students have had to drive from campus to campus to get to their individual classes or find an alternative.

Those who cannot drive must either get a ride, or take a bus ride with over an hour of transit with a transfer at the south side bus station.

This is inconvenient for many students, as getting a ride is not always a guarantee, and the students end up having to plan classes hours apart just so they can go.

As of this semester, the B-Line bus opened Route 66, which goes directly from Del Mar to A&M-CC and back.

“The students of Del Mar College and Texas A&M University represent our future leaders of the area, nation and world. We are excited to offer transportation to everyone taking part in the Viking Islander Program,” said Jorge Cruz-Adeo, CCRTA CEO.

“The bus ride itself is not a long ride, about 30 minutes, accounting for traffic and any other issues,” Cruz-Adeo said. “It only stops at the bus stop outside of the Harvin Center, and the bus stop located at the university. The bus is on the smaller side, but it has more than enough space for the dual students.”

“I live at the university dorms, and this is way more efficient for me to get around,” said student Kevin Vass.

The only complaint is that it only has four times: 8:30 and 9:10 A.M., plus 4:15 and 4:55 P.M. This is fine for the students who live at the university and spend a whole day at Del Mar then go back to the university. But for those who only have a class or two here at Del Mar, it could present a problem.

The bus is a great addition for the students. Not every student has the opportunity to drive from campus to campus, or even the ability.

This bus allows those of us to have an easier time getting to the classes we need. This also creates an opportunity for those who want to apply for a class on the other campus.

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