Scale building with Scott and Valdar

For the third straight year, Over the Edge will bring faculty, staff, alumni and more together to rappel off the side of the Holiday Inn Downtown Marina.

“I’m not a fan of heights but I thought it would be exciting. It’s a fun way to earn money for the foundation,” said Christine Benavides, corporate service coordinator.

Faculty and employees of DMC such as Christine Benavides, Dara Betz, Dan Korus and Board of Regents chair Carol Scott are scheduled to rappel down the Holiday Inn on Oct. 26.

According to Cynthia Arbuckle, Del Mar’s special events coordinator, there are at least 35 participants this year.

Over the last three years the fundraiser has accumulated over $188,000. So far “the foundation has raised $58,000,” Arbuckle said.

Mark Escamilla, president of Del Mar College, says he will be cheering from the bottom this year.

“The fundraiser raises money for scholarships, and these scholarships are everything to students. They make all the difference in the world,” said Escamilla, who has rappelled down the building before. 

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