What do you believe is an important issue today?

Nadia Lazaro, biology

An issue today would be e-cigarettes and tobacco products. At HEB I noticed they took the Juul vapes out of stock and they just replaced them with more cigarettes. That is what is wrong with America, they choose and pick what they want us to see as bad.

Sam Torres, nursing

Climate change and pollution as I see on the news. I look at the things being destroyed and factories being built and repaired. Things I would like to see addressed are trying to fix the earth and seeing communities coming together such as beach cleanups.

Alexis Lopez, liberal arts

Something we aren’t paying attention to as much would be suicide. There has been a lot more deaths especially within high schools.

Jacob Sanchez, music

The Democratic Party going against Trump. While Trump tries to expose them, the Democrats are trying to get him impeached to stop that from happening. Honestly the Democrats are doing shady stuff.

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