First you become a part of it, then it becomes a part of you

Student organizations will kick off the new semester by recruiting members during Rush Week.

Several dozen clubs plan to set up tables on the first floor of the Harvin Center Jan. 21-23 to highlight their goals and meet students.

Beverly Cage, director of Student Leadership & Campus Life, encourages students to join an organization and get involved on campus.

“Being involved as students you learn about all the different things that go on on campus as opposed to going to your class in one building and going to your car and going home,” Cage said. “They learn about being servant leaders and giving back to their community.”

Natasha Perez, president of Student Government Association, hopes to see more students sharing their ideas with the group.

“The more students that we get in the SGA meetings the easier it is for us to do the things that students want here on campus,” Perez said. “If we don’t have people coming to our meetings, we don’t really have a lot of voices telling us what they need.” 

Mauricio Cantu, a radio-TV major and SGA historian, said Del Mar students have more to offer than meets the eye.

“Our students have a voice and sometimes they can’t be heard.” Cantu said. “So it’s our duties as a student government to expose our students’ emotions and feelings and ideas to help better our school for the future. We have a lot of heart, we have a lot spirit, and we have great minds that needs to be shared with the world.”

Perez said if she could give one reason why students should join an organization it would be the opportunities.

“I feel like being a part of a club exposes you to and gives you so many opportunities that you are not necessarily aware of if you’re just a student that comes to class and then just leaves,” Perez said. “When you’re a part of a club and you’re exposed to different types of leadership, your exposed to different activities.”

Club interests range from video games to politics, the environment and more. Students wishing to start their own clubs can contact Cage at or 361-698-1280. 

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