Hogs are nuisance, but also delicious

In many parts of Texas, feral hogs have become an increasing problem over the years. Just last summer a new law was passed that affected feral hog hunting. 

Senate Bill 317, passed during the 86th Legislature, allows people without a hunting license to hunt feral hogs with landowner’s consent. 

I have always had a love/hate relationship for wild pigs: I love them because they’re easy to spot, fun to shoot and tasty to eat, but I also hate them because they will destroy anything and everything.

My dad and I have always dealt with them on our property. With a ranch down in Freer, the population is heavy. Growing up, I could not stand them. As I’ve gotten older, I have learned to love them.

One beautiful and very quiet evening, I was in the deer blind. Purples, pinks and oranges painted the sky. I began to hear pig grunts and sticks breaking in the thick brush. My heart dropped. Both of my legs were shaking, and my breathing grew louder. Excitement raced inside of me as I saw a group of 13 hogs walk out onto the middle of the road and at that moment, I saw an opportunity: dinner.

For many, hunting is a hobby but for others it’s food on the table. When it comes to preparing game meat there are many ways one can take their dinner from the field to the table. 

One way I have personally grown to love is injecting the hog meat with apple juice and letting it marinate overnight in Italian dressing. This is a great way to infuse your dinner with flavor, keeping it juicy and tender. 

For those who dislike that “gamey” taste this is another reason why apple juice works best.

For me, I enjoy it with or without apple juice. 

There are so many wild hog recipes out there to try. One that recently caught my eye is Hindquarter Roast Recipe. Before trying any recipes make sure your wild hog meat is safe to eat. Wild pigs can and will pick up several diseases that are harmful to dogs. Diseases such as Brucellosis can affect humans.

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