What does Black History Month mean to you?

Daniella Hinojosa, early childhood education

I think it means that we remember more of what people before us did to get us to where we are now. It’s not exactly perfect, but it’s way better than how it was before.

Kiya Vance, guitar, engineering

Nothing really; we’re just people. I do deal with discrimination, but not to the point where I need to riot. I understand why some people do because it is bad in some parts of the world, but where I live in the city, I never get discriminated against. You can call me a ‘[n-word],’ ‘stupid,’ ‘idiot,’ it makes no difference to me. Being offended is something you can choose to be. There should be no Black History Month. I can see why it’s a good thing, but it’s also separating people.

Felicia Weaver, sonogram technology

It’s history. It’s a way to tell others about black history and what some major leaders mean to us. Just basically learning about what it took to be black back in the day. It wasn’t easy, and we still deal a lot with now what they dealt with then. It’s history that needs to be told.

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