Editors offer tips for surviving quarantine

Liz Acevedo

I am currently following the new days of the week: yesterday, today and tomorrow. My days in quarantine blend together. Several times, I have lost track of day, date and time.

After being placed on a stay-home order I was forced to figure out things to do around the house.

As much as I want to stay on social media and read everything coronavirus, I know that will not do me any good. So, one important rule to follow while social distancing yourself is to limit your time with the media. Media is covering anything and everything related to the virus, which can easily build a negative complex, and that can take a toll on someone.

Other tips to survive the quarantine include staying active. There are so many workout videos online that are made for you to follow. I am constantly stressed and anxious during these times.

One thing that has helped me is yoga. There are yoga poses for everything, including many specifically meant to relieve stress.

Another fun quarantine tip: Go outside! Walk the neighborhood and take your dog. Whether it’s a walk or just spending some time in your backyard, go outside. Getting your daily dose of Vitamin D is still important.

My personal favorite quarantine activity is to binge watch a show. Find an interesting TV show that can keep you busy for a little awhile. There are so many streaming services today you’re bound to find one you like.

Illiana Moreno

Social distancing has altered my life, as well as everyone else’s. From being laid off at work to being placed on online schooling, my schedule has completely opened up.

On top of that, being pregnant has made it nearly impossible to leave the house.

I have found ways to combat my boredom and keep myself sane. At-home activities include lots of housewife and expectant mommy duties. I have slowly started the process of cleaning every inch of my house to prepare for the baby’s arrival.

I also have a daily habit of cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner. Let’s just say my knowledge of cooking has expanded so much that I might as well open a restaurant when this is all over.

For other activities, I started taking short walks to keep my body from hurting and to enjoy the fresh air. I constantly watch baby videos on YouTube and read my baby books to keep busy, while enjoying the comfort of my couch.

The best thing I have been able to do is relax and enjoy all the moments of pregnancy that I would have missed being so occupied with daily life.

Leah Johnston

Baking is one of the ways I have found to keep myself sane while confined to my home.

I’ve always enjoyed baking new things but being a full-time student with a part-time job pulled me away from that. With all of this time I now have on my hands I have gotten back into baking and have been trying out many new recipes. Not only is baking a good way to pass the time you also end up with a yummy result. I’ve always been a big reader from the second I learned to do so. However, with of all the required reading I have to do for school, I had found it difficult to read the ever-growing stack of books on my bedside table.

Now that I’m stuck at home I have ample time to read. Not only has the stack on my bedside lessened, but I now feel my mind expanding. Reading is beneficial to us in many ways — it builds vocabulary, reduces stress and aids sleep.

In these fearful times anything that helps reduce stress is something that should be given a try.

So, next time you’re stuck with nothing to do, pick up that book that is gathering dust.

John Oliva

I was one of the many unfortunates to be put out of work when this pandemic happened. So, aside from being jobless, I also had all my classes be strictly online.

Trying to maintain a normal schedule has been the hardest part. I first stayed up until around 3 in the morning and would wake up close to noon. I would hardly leave my bed, unless to shower or eat.

I wouldn’t say I was in a state of depression from losing my job, but I definitely lost my will and ambition to do anything.

My husband helped me get out of my funk and try to find some type of normalcy during this terrible happenstance. I started small: binge-watching a few TV series and tons of movies I had been putting off.

I also made sure to keep up with my schoolwork since I no longer had my professors reminding me daily about assignments and tests. I’ve finally been able to go to sleep at a decent time and make sure I’m doing something productive during the day.

For other people who might be in my shoes, I recommend talking to your friends and family daily. You need to remain in contact with them so you can converse with someone other than your pet. Also, try and do something artistic. Whether it be writing down in a journal or coloring mandalas on an app, stay productive.

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  1. It’s great to see just how many people have looked at this quarantine and utilized it in smart ways. Me, personally, I found it to be a great time to get involved in other hobbies. Casual writing, for example, is something that I haven’t devoted as much time to, but now I find it easier since I’m home more often.

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