Domestic violence focus of event

Speaking up, getting help is ‘not a sign of weakness,’ Del Mar counselor says 

DMC wants its students to be safe on and off campus.

It encourages students who experience abuse or suffer from mental issues to speak up and seek help.

That was the goal of a domestic violence awareness event held Oct. 13 in the Harvin Center, where Del Mar College counselor Steven McFarlin was able to raise awareness about an often neglected subject among society. 

Domestic violence is a hush topic, but is quite common today. 

“It’s not a sign of weakness. Every person needs a little support once in a while,” McFarlin said. “The bravery and courage that comes from speaking up and saying, ‘Hey I need help,” it’s not something that’s easy.”

Del Mar College wants students to know they are heard.

“You’re not the only one,” McFarlin said. 

A victim of domestic abuse can be a friend, sister, mother, brother or acquaintance. 

If you are not the victim, but know of someone who is experiencing abuse, take the initiative.

“There’s no rule book to relationship,” McFarlin said. “If someone is in need of just navigating throughout their relationship, or move out of the situation, we’re here.”

By sharing the abuse and experience, victims can hear and gain different perspectives and learn what is and isn’t healthy.

Confiding in a friend or counselor, victims can develop a plan or address the issue in another matter. 

Be aware and recognize the signs of domestic abuse.

According to the National Domestic Violence Hotline, the following are signs of domestic abuse: intense jealousy, controlling, pressuring sexual activities, extremely possessive, shaming you.

Students who wish to share their experience and overcome their challenges can use on-campus resources.

Del Mar College counseling is currently doing virtual sessions. Those sessions can be individual, group or couples counseling.

For those who wish to do couples counseling, at least one individual should be enrolled at Del Mar College.

To set up an appointment, visit

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