City changes rules on filming in city limits

The Corpus Christi City Council recently amended the city’s film ordinance to allow local filmmakers to film in the city for no charge and with no permit required.

This first became a problem when filmmakers around the city were having to purchase permits to be able to film in the city, and many filmmakers were having to go film in Portland due to the law in Corpus Christi at the time.

There was a lot of convincing when it came to encouraging the City Council to agree to a meeting to address the film ordinance. According to the Heidi Hovda , co-founder of the Corpus Christi 7 Day Film Project, they wanted to make sure “local filmmakers had a seat at the table” during the meeting.

“Local filmmakers wrote emails to City Council and showed up to a few City Council meetings and spoke during public comment to express their concern on how the ordinance was interpreted by the city manager,” Hovda said.

One of the biggest accomplishments that was made with this new film ordinance is that “local filmmakers don’t have to worry at all about getting insurance” just to film in the city, Hovda said.

This ordinance is expected to make a great impact for local filmmakers, Hovda said. Now local filmmakers will not have to worry about any interferences while filming.

“Based on the way the ordinance is written you should be able to film without any disruptions or interruptions,” Hovda said. “This is one of the greatest accomplishments.”

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