‘Ron’s Gone Wrong’ is everything that is right

 “Ron’s Gone Wrong” is a charming movie featuring a boy and his new friend robot. This movie first shows how kids can quickly become addicted to technology especially when a new B-Bot is introduced to be their new best friend.

This little robot follows each child around and shares their whole life with the internet. Barney, the main character, at first can’t get one but his father eventually is able to acquire a broken one from a sketchy man in a back alley. When Barney first accesses the B-Bot you can immediately tell he has all sorts of errors. 

As the movie progresses Barney helps show B-Bot, who has now been named Ron, how to become his friend. He constantly says “friendship is a two-way street” but fails to show Ron any friendship in return, which he realizes later in the movie. 

For a kids movie it was very cute and charming. (Spoilers ahead) I was a little shocked when the main child Barney gets lost in the woods and clearly is suffering from an asthma attack and must be taken to the hospital. I took my 5-year-old niece to see this movie and she was a little scared on this part so parents beware just in case your children get startled easily. 

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