Abbott visits aquarium on primary election night

Gov. Greg Abbott chose to spend primary election night at the Texas State Aquarium in Corpus Christi, ending the night with a victory.

Accompanied by other Republicans up for re-election including Rep. Todd Hunter, Abbott was celebrated by many supporters and constitutes at the March 1 event. With his Republican Party primary win, Abbott will now face Democrat candidate Robert “Beto” O’Rourke for governor in the upcoming November election.

With more than 150 supporters in attendance, many Corpus Christi residents felt honored to have Abbott spend primary election night in the city.

“It means a lot that he came to our hometown of all the cities in Texas,” said Corpus Christi resident Rosendo Vasquez. “He stands for Texas — the freedom, the security and employment for Hispanics, for veterans, for teachers, for police officers.”

Chants of “four more years” from supporters overpowered the live country band who played before Abbott took the stage to address his focuses and successes as governor.

“No governor has provided more resources for our public schools than what I have provided, including a teacher pay raise of more than a billion dollars this past year,” Abbott said. “I am running for re-election to foster a parental bill of rights that will restore parents as the primary decision-makers for their children’s education.”

He also addressed his goal to create a compact with senior citizens that will cut property taxes and protect them from criminals who prey upon them.

The ended with a fireworks display as Abbott signed autographs and shook the hands of supporters.

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