Nursing career fair held at Windward

Over 20 local companies in the health care field participated in the Nursing and Allied Health Career Fair on April 21 in the Coleman Center on Del Mar College’s Windward Campus.

The event, put together by the Career Development department, allowed students to get information on the many fields under the health care umbrella and in many cases, fill out applications for work and talk to hiring personnel. 

Among the many companies represented were the Nueces Center for Mental Health and Intellectual Disabilities, Kids First Pediatric Homecare, South Texas Health Systems and Christus Spohn Hospital. 

This was the first in-person event since the COVID-19 pandemic and allowed students in the nursing and allied health programs to find employment as well as students from other majors to be able to get information about the opportunities in the health care programs offered at DMC.

3 thoughts on “Nursing career fair held at Windward

  1. Having career fairs at Del Mar is such a smart idea! I am so glad the college is connecting students with local employers! I wish the college could reach out a little further abroad, in terms of which kinds of healthcare is represented. There are a few holistic healthcare practitioners in the area and some midwives, and it would be amazing to see that more alternative side of the healthcare system represented at future healthcare job fairs.

  2. Ever since COVID-19, I have seen the struggle it has been in the medical field. Now being able to attend a event like this to help people who are fresh out of school get experience in such a highly competitive field is truly amazing. Not only is is local companies who have shown the support to a local community college, shows how highly they think of the students who attend this program.

  3. It is nice to see events that are beneficial to students in the long run! Events like these are exactly what college students need because it can leave openings to employment in their field. I have always thought these events are great because they are also open to sharing information even to students who are not in the field. I think that the fact that well known companies showed up is also very nice because the familiar is a bit more comforting. I wonder if there could also be virtual fairs too.

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