Tutor Hall to open Sept. 14

Resource center to give away prizes during its grand opening celebration

Starting this fall semester, Del Mar students will notice a new name for the reading, math, and writing resource centers. Tutor Hall is celebrating its grand opening at noon Sept. 14.

With the help of a skilled and knowledgeable team, Tutor Hall will provide students with free assistance on several subjects.

“I always knew that if I needed help with math, I could go by the math center and get it. They even had it online for me, which was convenient for me,” said student Liz Gutierrez. “I was able to learn my weakness with math and improve it with their help. They made sure I understood it and made me feel more comfortable. I was always greeted with kindness and a smile.”

Daily assignments can overwhelm students, but students such as Alex Juarez take advantage of the resources that DMC offers and recommend it to others.

“It stresses me out daily to make sure I understand the assignment, and if I don’t, that’s what the help is for. I always tell my friends if they don’t understand their work or need help on writing, ask them; that’s what they do,” Juarez said.

Del Mar College provides all students with access to resources.

“The resource centers are a great place to get help and learn more skills with my writing. Whenever I have a question about my writing or math, I always stop by and they are always willing to help me,” said DMC student Michelle Ramirez, who plans to attend the grand opening and use Tutor Hall frequently this semester.

Students who attend the grand opening can register for prizes. Tutor Hall is located in the Coles Building at Heritage Campus.

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