Del Mar Intramurals hold table tennis league

Mondays and Wednesdays are table tennis nights in the Gym on the Heritage Campus. As of now participation is scarce.

Roy Moya, interim Intramural director, said it has been difficult to complete the league because many of the competitors have been too busy with work or have chosen to attend outside table tennis tournaments rather than continue to participate in the league. Because of this, the current table tennis nights are non-competitive matches that are more for enjoyment. Games will run from 5-7 p.m.

This will go on for three more weeks, according to Moya.

“The goal is to attract enough players to regularly attend so that we can create a little tournament at the end,” he said. For those matches, they will play a best two out of three to 11. However, he stated that the championship game will be a best three out of five.

Moya said there is a men’s open league, which is co-ed and for the more skilled players, plus a co-rec division for less competitive players. There will also be an all-women’s league.

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  1. I’m the president of the TAMUCC table tennis club. Maybe we could play together some time. How can I get in contact with the Del Mar club?

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