Clubs old and new return for Rush Week

With the new semester in full swing, Del Mar College’s clubs have come out of hibernation and opened their doors to new members and a new year.

Many of these student-run clubs and organizations advertised themselves in the Harvin Center from Jan. 30 – Feb. 3 for this semester’s Rush Week.

One of Del Mar College’s more well-established clubs is the Geoscience Society, sponsored by Professor Erika Locke. The Geoscience Society meets every other Tuesday in the Coles Building, Room 303, and is centered around the study of geology and the Earth. Club activities include a variety of field trips to locations such as the Natural Bridge Caverns and Canyon Lake, as well as participation in volunteer work like beach cleanups. 

Geoscience Society member Loren Lind was one of the students helping promote the club during Rush Week.

“It’s great if you like the outdoors, and if you like going outdoors,” Lind said.

Many of Del Mar’s clubs went inactive during the pandemic but have since seen a resurgence. One such club is the Chemistry Club, sponsored by Kelsey Cloud. The Chemistry Club was inactive for about three years following the start of the pandemic. 

According to Cloud, the name of the club originates from their view of chemistry as the “central science,” and the requirement for all STEM majors to take chemistry as part of their curriculum. In practice, the Chemistry Club covers all fields of science, including biology, physics and, of course, chemistry. The club’s stated goal is to promote the interest in science outside of the classroom.

“Our purpose is to do the fun parts of science,” Cloud said.

The Chemistry Club also does outreach and awareness demonstrations for K-12 students, with their most recent being an upcoming after-school program held at St. Patrick School.

Not all the clubs being promoted during Rush Week have a long history at the college. Some clubs, like the Neurodivergent Club, were recently formed.

Originally envisioned during the spring 2022 semester, the Neurodivergent Club was officially established in fall 2022. The club is a space for students with neurodivergences such as various forms of autism, ADHD, OCD, as well as others. 

According to Cheyenne Barnett, the club member promoting the club, its goal is to “build and further understanding and a support group among the members.” 

Still in a developmental stage, the Neurodivergent Club is still carving out an identity and niche for itself. Currently, plans exist to begin spreading awareness of neurodivergences such as ADHD, autism and OCD on campus.

For more information on clubs, contact Student Leadership and Campus Life at 361-698-1279. 

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