Student Government Association seeks new leaders 

Meetings held on the third Wednesday of each month in the Harvin Center

The Student Government Association is currently holding meetings for the 2023 spring semester. Students are encouraged to participate in the association to learn more about how they can be involved with activities and services around campus.  

The association had two meetings since the start of the semester, with their primary agenda to motivate newcomers to become an active member. 

“We inform the students about current student volunteer opportunities, club meetings, services available, and upcoming events,” Sofia Jimenez, the current acting SGA president, said of the importance of the club. “The SGA meetings is a great place for students to share information about their clubs and community resources. SGA meetings are also where we vote on to decide where our student funds go for projects.”

The responsibility of SGA is to also tackle campus issues. In the past the association helped to successfully create the smoking ban on campus. Del Mar has been a tobacco-free campus since 2015. 

Jimenez has been SGA President since 2018. Her experience with the SGA gave her insight on what they need to accomplish for this semester. 

“Before COVID, many students attended the SGA meetings,” Jimenez said. “I would love to see the SGA meeting attendance increase. SGA meetings give students the opportunity to be heard. I miss seeing all the student participation. I would like students to see how important and valuable attending the SGA meetings are.”

Jimenez explained how DMC offers resources regarding their college courses or career. They encourage students who are finding themselves without the proper school supplies to visit Student Leadership & Campus Life. They offer flash drives, pens, scantrons, pencils, blue books and other supplies a student might need for their academic studies. 

All students are already considered as part of the SGA, but the group is currently looking for students who may be interested in officer positions. Students are considered a great candidate if they are in good academic standing, hold a 3.5+ GPA, and are looking to represent the school. Visit the Student Leadership & Campus Life office in the Harvin Center, HC 105, to fill out the application and learn more about which positions are available.  

If a student is inquiring to become an active member with SGA, they can attend the monthly meetings on the third Wednesday of each month at 12:30 pm. The meetings will be held upstairs in the Harvin Center, room HC 202. SGA will send out a Teams link if the student cannot attend in person. SGA encourages students to add the Student Leadership & Campus Life folder to their Canvas and follow their SGA Facebook page, @DMCSga, to stay updated on important information. 

Students can email for any inquiries on how to become active within the club and learn more about SGA.

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