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Chicanas fight oppression then and now

You are a Chicano before you are a woman — at least many females felt that way during the early inception of the Chicano Movement, which ultimately led to the separation of Mexican-American women fighting for their rights independently from Chicanos. During the 1960s-70s many Mexican-Americans were fed up with the challenges they faced through …

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Civil War and Reconstruction in Coastal Bend

Although the Reconstruction era in America took place nearly 153 years ago, it still remains a significant part of history. The known antebellum South had little in common with antebellum Nueces County and the Coastal Bend area remained nearly undeveloped until after the Civil War. When Corpus Christi was settled in the 1830s it became …

Campus Column

Saying farewell to a dear friend

Charles Miller and Janell Bennett, wife of Board of Regents member Ed Bennett, laugh as they reminisce over Miller’s two-plus decades at Del Mar College. Miller, the director of physical facilities, was suppose to retire several weeks ago but stayed to help the college with its post-Harvey cleanup efforts. Friends and family came together to …