Corpus Christi non-profit help Bastrop

A wildfire outbreak that affected a giant population in and around the Bastrop area. Local non-profit organiations came to the rescue for some of the residents affected by the flames.

Evan Arnold/Staff Writer


The Texas wildfires that have afflicted the state have taken lives, razed an area of Texas the size of Connecticut and the cost of property destroyed may be in excess of $150 million of ensured property statewide.

While Corpus Christi has been unscathed by the Texas wildfires, local branches of major organizations such as the Red Cross and the Salvation Army have been making recovery efforts for those affected by the wildfires.

Corpus Christi’s local branch of the Red Cross has donated to assist those harmed by the fires while other branches that are closer to the afflicted areas have volunteers distributing supplies and direct assistance to these areas.

The local Corpus branch of the Red Cross has donated $10,334.64 so far to those in areas afflicted to the fire.
To raise awareness of the issue, local officials have done interviews with KRIS-TV news team and on social media websites such as Facebook to let people know what they can do to help and about the severity of this natural disaster.

“Social media is helpful through pictures. With images, we can show how badly these people are in need of help,” a representative from the Red Cross said.

The Salvation Army has been helping as well. Representatives have deployed mobile canteen units that provide meals to firefighters and civilians. Each mobile canteen unit can feed 300 individuals three meals a day.

While exact numbers couldn’t be provided, the Salvation Army representative said that the donations numbered well into the thousands.

To donate via the Red Cross, go to or call 361-887-9991. To donate to the fire-afflicted areas through the Salvation Army, write a check to the agency and put “Texas Wildfires” in the memo line.



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