IPCB’s Summer of Giving: Free HEB Gift Cards and LUSH Gift Bags Await at Dan’s Barber Shop – while supplies last

Indigenous People of the Coastal Bend (IPCB) are making a heartfelt contribution to their community this summer. On June 22 at 10 am, IPCB will be donating HEB gift cards, water, and luxurious gift bags from LUSH to the first 100 people at Dan’s Barber Shop, located at 714 19th-Street. Local sponsors and supporters have rallied together to make this giveaway possible, aiming to provide essential resources to those in need.

Love Sanchez, co-founder of IPCB, expressed her personal connection to the neighborhood, “I grew up in this neighborhood. It feels really good to give back, especially during this summer.”

This initiative underscores IPCB’s commitment to supporting and uplifting their community during challenging times.

“We wanted to give people something that would be convenient like a gift card and water. Then we partnered with LUSH, who is really big on helping people and making environmental friendly organic products. Gift bags will be soaps, lotions, etc.,” said Love.

As excitement builds for this event, supporters kindly request that drivers remain considerate of pedestrians and fellow drivers while waiting to receive these generous donations.

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