Donations To Gentry Family

On November 3, Jennifer Gentry, a Del Mar College student, and her family escaped a Rockport fire that destroyed nearly everything they owned.

“I had to throw my son out of the window, and wait for them to come save me,” said Gentry. “I was nervous and didn’t know what to do.”

Gentry and her family lost nearly everything they possessed, including their truck and all of their clothes. With her husband on Workman’s Comp and her having no job of her own, Gentry said that money was scarce.

Although Gentry is currently looking for a job right now, a few people are looking to lend her and her family a helping hand. Mary Cantu, Administrative assistant in communications, has begun accepting donations at her office, along with Del Mar College’s Press Club.

If you would like to make donations please take them to office 134 in the Coles Building East Campus, or room 215 of the Harvin Center, or you may call 1-361-698-1534 to make arrangements with Mary Cantu.

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