Household products used for beauty maintenance

I’m always looking for the household  remedies that will save me a dime and that can be used for universal purposes. Luckily after reading a wide variety of articles , I came up with the perfect list:

  1. Eyebrow brush- Can be used as a lint remover
  2. dryer sheets-  can be used to tame fly aways
  3. unused stockings-  can be alternate for a chic see through shrug or cardigan or shawl.
  4.  shimmer eye shadow – depending on hair color this can be used to cover up those roots that are in dying need of a colorist.
  5. toothpaste – yellow nails? scrub this stuff on your nails to remove stains and add shine.
  6. eggs – strengthen hair by creating egg yolk with olive oil and then use the two as a hair mask.
  7. toilet paper- a general blotting sheet for excess oils on face.
  8. facial toner- can fix self tanner mistakes! believe it or not!
  9. honey- a couple of tablespoons of this stuff can cure an irritated face while moisturizing and soothing .
  10. cooking spray- rather than using quick dry on nails use original unflavored cooking spray.
  11. flat iron- great for ironing between buttons on shirts.
  12. body lotion- can be used to tame fly-aways, rub a dime size amount of  hand or body lotion in your palms and brush lightly on problem spots.
  13. clear tape- can be used to remove dry skin from lips or excess nail polish on skin.
  14. petroleum jelly- can be used to treat blisters or areas of skin that need moisture and hydration.
  15. yogurt- it can treat burns from curling or straightening, or simple regular burns; this will reduce redness and speed the healing process ( it must be plain and all natural)
  16. oatmeal- this is great for bathing in, especially if your skin is dry, itchy or irritating.
  17. cornstarch- detangles knots in seconds, whether on shoelaces, string or chain necklaces.
  18. conditioner- if your out of shaving cream this is the best alternative.
  19. vinegar- considered a natural bleach and powerful cleanser, it can also reduce the blueness of a bruise.
  20.  preparation h or hemorrhoid cream- can treat under eye puffiness, yep! i know how weird!!!

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