“Bonjour! Mi Ami!”

Hola Foghorn readers,

I decided to continue my bbeautyyy blog about beauty and style this semester. Today I am incorporating two separate lists with food and beauty products that changed my life!

These five foods will nourish your skin from the outside in!

  •  avocado-  moisturizer
  • cucumber- moisturizer
  • oatmeal- exfoliant and moisturizer
  • peach- exfoliant
  • strawberry- exfoliant

Beauty products that make my life easier!

  • Clinical strength deodorant  -Ex: Secret clinical strength deodorant
  • Deodorant remover sponges- Ex: The original Gal Pal garment deodorant remover
  • sulfate free shampoo  – Tigi’s Bedhead Superstar sulfate free shampoo
  • multi- blade razors- Gillette Venus Bikini razor, trimmer, lotion kit
  • eyebrow planers- these little shapers are usually included in eyebrow kits
  • shower depilatories- Nair Shower Power Max
  • gradual self tanning lotion- My Fave: Banana Boat Self tanning lotion in deep bronze
  • sonic facial cleansers-  Olay professional Pro X advanced cleansing system




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