Franken Bike offers a chance to swap

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Jennifer Bultron/Staff Writer

Celebrating its 7th year, FrankenBike is a bike-swap organization that hosts quarterly meets in Corpus Christi. According to its Web site, the meet is “open to anyone who wants to buy, sell or trade bicycles and bicycle-related gear or parts.”

FrankenBike, formerly known as FrankenRally, was started by Chris Gross as a community project for the Austin community. Gross came up with the idea after attending a bike rally in Austin that was only held once a year. He wanted to start an association where the Austin community could come together to buy, sell, trade or browse bicycle-related items.

Expanding to other cities, FrankenBike has had over 100 successful swap meets. Gross described FrankenBike as a safe non-profit organization. “It’s a labor of love,” he said.
His partner Michelle Moore is actively involved. She started FrankenBabe, a bike swap meet directed toward women. FrankenBabe is held once a year, the last Saturday of January.

FrankenBabe holds a criterium or “crit” race, which is a mass-start road race that takes place on a closed course of one mile or less. Men are allowed to participate in the crit races, but they have to run the races in drag.
Gerald Alvarez is the Corpus Christi host of FrankenBike. In a recent interview, he described FrankenBike as “a great resource to the growing bike community who is interested in starting a bike project.”

The next FrankenBike swap meet will be held on April 22 from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. at Recess Bar and Grill, 5710 South Alameda.
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