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Raul Alonzo / Web editor

I often find it difficult to make the appropriate changes in my life, and I can be pretty awkward and terrible at “goodbyes.” That being said, as a matter of reflection, there are a few things I can say about my time at Del Mar that I feel have made lasting impacts on my life.

The time spent here at this school I can ultimately chalk up to as being beneficial. So long as one approaches their classes with an open mind, and rejects the notion that one knows everything worth knowing, then one can always find something new worth pursuing.

I romanticize college as being an institution in which new ideas are discussed, prevailing notions are challenged and one develops their understanding of the world. The reality is often far from the truth, but the opportunities are nonetheless there. The experiences I’ve had here and the people I’ve met will always be seen with fondness when I think back to this period of my life.

I’ve been at this school longer than I care to reveal, but I can certainly say that firstly there are some truly sincere and excellent professors here. To give a shoutout to a few who I feel made my time here worthwhile or made some sort of lasting impact on my life: Props to Russ Long, Christine Robbins, Peter Golwas, Vernon Kramer, Tolly Cooke, and, most definitely, Robert Muilenburg. I owe a lot of my drive to pursue journalism to the guidance of Muilenburg, in particular

The good folks I’ve met here have also done much to make my time here particularly wonderful. I have much love for the friends I’ve made here, too many to name but they most likely know who they are.

Throughout all of this, the one thing I always wish to remain is sincere. The heads of most institutions and all the coercive forces in society tend to eliminate all that I feel is truly real. The knowledge gained at places like this, without losing one’s roots, can be a deciding factor in paving the way toward overturning these trends and establishing spaces for new ideas and possibilities.


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