Mexican restaurant proves to be muy bueno!

Santa Rosa offers
large portions
for small prices

The Guru of Grease and the Seductress of SpiceForhorn staff

Being a broke college student has its obvious disadvantages and a few challenging advantages. With sustenance usually being the last thing on a student’s mind while on campus, here at the Foghorn staff, it’s usually the first thing on our minds.

Balancing both budgets and diet may seem like a difficult task but we confronted it head-on. Thus, the $10 Economic Crunch was born.

The idea is simple: Locate eating establishments within walking distance of Del Mar College’s East campus that contain meals for less than $10, including a drink. We’ll give you a rundown of the best and worst spots, quality of service and of course what dishes we liked and disliked.

The foodies have gone incognito to maintain the integrity of the review.


The lunch hour is roaring at Santa Rosa with shoulder-to-shoulder customers waiting to be fed. Quickly negating the fact of getting a good table, seating yourself causes no confusion for the servers. So, if you are seen entering the restaurant for the first time then you are recognized as a guest.

Menus are up for grabs on tables in case servers are busy with other people, which really makes ordering time convenient for everyone. The service does create a bit of a language barrier but the wait staff can adjust if necessary.

The food was freshly made but so surprisingly quick that you might think, “Where’s their microwave?!” However, the food looks exactly like it’s pictured, which is what you want out of a homemade dinner. The fajitas were grilled to perfection with red peppers, green peppers, grilled onions, Spanish rice and baked beans, all wrapped in a flour tortilla. For my second wrap creation, I was sure to include guacamole covering a huge, juicy slice of a red tomato. Depending on how hungry you are, the plate of food comes off as intimidating even though it’s a balanced meal.

Deliciously satisfying as the food was, the portion is designed to fill you up and to bring you back in again. It was a reasonably decent dinner priced under $10 that might possibly leave you in a “Mexican stand-off.”

Overall rating: 4/5
Price of meal: $8.93



Santa Rosa wasn’t our first choice but it was a golden runner-up. Home of the best hangover-friendly options, their efficiency and low prices keep me coming back for more.

When it comes to a taqueria there are three things, a holy trinity if you will, that I base their credibility on: tortillas, hot sauce and beans. Without these staples, you’re just screwed.

Breakfast is served all day, which isn’t a commodity at every taqueria around town. I ordered the Huevos Rancheros plate with the ranchero sauce on the side (take note, this is probably the best decision you’ll make). And can we just acknowledge that there’s something nostalgic about coffee at a taco joint? The friendly staff will keep your cup of joe filled throughout your entire stay.

I definitely recommend eating here if you’re in a time crunch. Our food came out within just three minutes of ordering and the walk back to campus took roughly eight minutes (emphasis on rough).

Overall rating: 4/5
Price of meal: $8.22


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