Join the challenge, all 100 grueling miles of it


Vivien Sanchez


The good news: The 100 Mile Challenge is in full swing. The not-so-good news: We’ve proven that journalists and math aren’t the best off friends, as we grossly miscalculated our goal for this semester in our last issue.

As a team we would love to entertain the idea of completing 15,000 miles, but realistically, some of us want to survive to see graduation in May. After redoing the math, we are relieved to be aiming for a more practical goal of 1,500 miles. With 15 people originally intending to take part in the challenge, each would have to complete 100 miles instead of 1,000.

We are off to a slow start. Communications instructor Robert Muilenburg, who also serves as the Foghorn adviser, leads with 41 miles, knocking everyone out of the park — or the gym.

Altogether we had four participants with a total of 92.5 miles.

Staff members are talking about their commitment to the challenge and planning to ramp up their mileage. We have a lot of time to make up for but hopefully with encouragement from leadership and dedication we will soon catch up to our adviser and feel accomplished as a team.

If your department or club is also taking part in the 100 Mile Challenge as a team, send us your results each week. We’d love to print them and maybe even start a friendly competition.


Robert Muilenburg 41 miles
Vivien Sanchez 25.5 miles
Scott Beckett 15 miles

Cayce Berryman

11 miles


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