Executive Surf Club serves it up nice with fries

The Executive Surf Club is a well-known place in Corpus Christi. Located downtown on Water Street, it is known by Corpus Christi residents as a great hangout to eat, drink and enjoy local bands on the back patio stage.

I went to the Executive Surf Club on a Tuesday for a quick bite before my afternoon workout. The restaurant was busy with local business people getting their afternoon lunch, but the line at the counter to order was tolerable.

It took us five minutes to order. My workout buddy, aka my mom, and I decided to get something different and split it so we could both try something new. I ordered the shrimp wrap, which is filled with tempura-fried shrimp, tomatoes and lettuce. My mom decided to order the Hollister ranch wrap. It was filled with steak, lettuce and tomatoes then tossed in ranch dressing. Both were wrapped in a flour tortilla. In addition to the wraps we ordered the famous hand-battered fries.

texas-surf-museumContributed photo

The woody surf wagon outside of the Texas Surf Museum, neighboring the Executive Surf Club, provides a nice photo opportunity, and a courtyard front allows guests to kick back and enjoy a refreshment with friends. 

We got our number and decided to sit outside on the back patio, because it was a beautiful 85-degree day. The patio was open with a stage in the corner and wooden tables spaced throughout. We chose to sit in one of the back tables away from the restaurant by the road. We saw a man painting some type of tiles along the road, which was fun to watch.

We waited for about 10 to 15 minutes for our number to be called. Once our number was called we went to the counter where we ordered to pick up our food, stopped at the condiment table for the works then went back to our table.

At first glance, the food looked fantastic. The fries were battered well then deep-fried. I took a bite and was blown away. They were crunchy, but not overcooked crunchy. This hand-battered fry took everything I thought I knew about french fries and threw it out the window. I will never be able to eat another french fry without thinking that it is entirely inadequate to the hand-battered fries at the Executive Surf Club.

Next, I tried the shrimp wrap. I enjoyed it very much. It was fried well and added a great deal to the texture of the dish. The lettuce and tomatoes were fresh and crisp, like every vegetable should be. The tortilla was a little big for the amount of ingredients they put inside of it, but it was flavored well. The only thing I would change about the wrap was the size of the tortilla. Otherwise it was delicious.

It was then time for me to experience the Hollister ranch wrap. The texture was monotone, but the steak was flavored well. The lettuce wasn’t as crispy as in the shrimp wrap. But, all in all it turned out well. If I had to choose between the shrimp wrap and the Hollister wrap I would choose the shrimp wrap.

I hadn’t been to the Executive Surf Club in awhile, so I forgot how much I enjoyed it. This trip refreshed my memory on the great food and laid-back atmosphere of the restaurant. I plan to go back over and over again just for the fries alone. I would highly recommend trying the Executive Surf Club.



PRICE: $9.78

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