Why binge drink when you can binge watch?

It is time to Netflix and chill — no companion required.


To begin your binge watching session you need a comfortable surface to plant yourself on — this can be either a couch, or, in most cases, a bed. Next, refreshments are required. My personal favorite is popcorn, but for those of who you feel adventurous chips and salsa are a good alternative. Now, here is a list of the best shows to binge watch over spring break:


For those who haven’t watched the series from its 2005 debut or for those who just feel like re-watching the medical drama, this is a perfect show to binge watch. The episodes are 42 minutes long, so the hours whiz by. The show is a TV drama now in its 12th season on live television, but the first 11 seasons are available to binge watch. The show follows Meredith Grey, a surgical intern at Seattle Grace Hospital, and her friends of interns as they find their footing in the professional world of medicine.


This is a great option for anybody who likes medical mysteries, but prefers to cry from laughter. JD and Turk are best friends, roommates and now interns at Sacred Heart Hospital. The show follows JD through his adventures of solving medical mysteries and finding the love of his life. He must do all of this while avoiding his arch nemesis, the janitor. All nine seasons are on Netflix, although the ninth season is irrelevant and you won’t be missing anything if you decide to skip it altogether.


If you can stand secondhand embarrassment, awkward pauses and uncomfortable situations, you have officially found your binge-worthy show. “The Office” stars Steve Carell as Michael Scott, the awkward manager at a paper-supply company. Scott has the office employees partake in inappropriate seminars and meetings while the entire time Jim Halpert woos Pam Beesly and pesters his desk neighbor Dwight Schrute. “The Office” is great for laughing until you pee your pants.


Jason Bateman stars as Michael Bluth, the now president of his father’s once prominent real estate business, in the popular comedy. His father gets arrested and Michael must control his spoiled family’s needs and wants, while raising a teenage son. The show aired in 2004 and has completed four seasons. “Arrested Development” will make anybody grateful for the family they have while leaving you rolling on the floor laughing.


This Netflix original drama follows Piper Chapman as she is arrested and serves her 15-month sentence for a crime she committed nearly 10 years ago with her ex-girlfriend. She now has to adjust to prison life while trying to maintain her relationship with her fiancé. The women in the prison make do with minimal resources and hellish security guards. Season 4 will premiere on Netflix on June 17, but for now you can binge watch the first three seasons.


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