Dual credit benefits us all

For growing numbers of students, dual credit is a vital part of the Del Mar College experience. This service gives high school students the opportunity to get ahead in their college careers.

In the 2014-15 fiscal year, DMC reported a $2.1 million loss in relation to dual credit classes. Dual credit students pay $99.99 for a three-hour course. A traditional student pays $353 for the same course. Despite the loss, President Mark Escamilla recently told the Foghorn that the college has no plans to raise the rate. Simply put, the benefits outweigh the cost.

The purpose of the dual credit class is to enhance the education of the community at an early age. By making the cost lower for high school students, it creates a more educated population.

Those who take a dual credit course are often diligent students who are eager to learn. Allowing for affordable classes to the younger population rewards their ambition.

Granting high school students a cheaper opportunity at an education also prepares them for their future in academics and their future in the workforce.

Students who take dual credit classes now have the opportunity to try new classes and learn what they can possibly do for a living at a younger age than the traditional student. This saves time and money for the student.

There are also those who already know what they want to do. Dual credit gives them the opportunity to get on the path to their desired career.

These students, by taking dual credit courses, will become prepared for their life in college earlier and will begin to succeed sooner.

Enrolling in college level courses at a younger age will help develop good study habits that may not have been created by attending only high school level classes. Dual credit classes also emphasize critical thinking skills at the college level.

High school students taking college level courses can graduate with transferable credits, leading to an earlier graduation date.

Graduating early gives the student an advantage over their traditional peers because they can now enter the workforce and begin gaining experience before others their age.

The ultimate goal in college and dual credit classes is to establish an educated and functioning society. High school students are the future of the community and dual credit establishes the skills they will need to flourish in their future careers.

Dual credit is not only beneficial but necessary in developing opportunity and critical thinkers at the high school level. In the end, it benefits the community. It benefits all of us.

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