Regents approve to censure Watts

Del Mar Board of Regents, Dist 4 – Guy Watts

Del Mar Board of Regents, Dist 4 – Guy Watts

In a unanimous decision the Del Mar College Board of Regents approve the proposed resolution of censure of Regent Guy Watts after an investigation found Watts acted unethically. Watts was not present for the vote.

The board voted to approve the investigation of Watts during the Feb. 9 meeting.

Independent investigator Cobby Caputo found sufficient evidence that Watts had violated six bylaws.

“This is a very serious item,” board chairman Trey McCampbell said. “A censure is the highest thing we can do under our bylaws.”

The regents decided to look into Watts’ ethical practices after a memo was sent to the Island United Political Action Committee that called McCampbell and Regent Susan Hutchinson “charming, but academically alarming,” after voting in favor a resolution regarding the new Southside Campus.

Watts called the East and West campuses a “sea of mediocrity.” Which calls into question Bylaw 1.A.2., which states a regent has the duty to enhance the public image of the college.

The investigation looked into Watts’ behavior from October 2015 to March 2016.

“His behavior may not change. It is something he has to do. We can’t make him do it,” McCampbell said.

In response to the censure, several members of the community showed their appreciation during the public comment portion of the agenda item.

“Thank you for what you are doing,” said Tony Jimenez Jr., LULAC housing president. “This is a community college. It is not for certain kinds of people to attend.”

Community activist, Joan Veith has known Watts since the 1970s.

“He loves to hear himself talk. He has shown no respect for this board. I resent that,” Veith said.

There are several changes to be made to the resolution including fixing a few misspellings and including Watts’ middle initial to differentiate from his son with the same name.

Immediate attempts to reach Watts were unsuccessful.

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