The hub becomes a sanctuary for students

For many students in need of school help or a place to work on assignments, the library isn’t the first place that comes to mind. Libraries are known for being full of books as a resource for student research, but with knowledge now at our fingertips wherever we go, they seem to lose their usefulness to some people. But the White Library not only boasts a relevant collection of information, but now there is a new and helpful lab on the fourth floor called The Hub.

The Hub not only has rows of computers for student use, but also tutors and peers to assist students however possible and smart boards that make remote tutoring possible and on-site tutoring a breeze.

Computer-in-front-of-people_CMYKAdriana King/Foghorn

The Hub, located on the fourth floor of the White Library, is a tutorial center for students. Any student can enter The Hub with a student ID.

“Students are always grateful for the consultants’ help, and after coming here, they always get good feedback,” employee and student Caylin Hillin said. “It’s a good community space for students to come and seek out consulting. They wanted to make a good study environment. I love helping students here whenever I can; when I’m working here I’m also learning.”

The library has always been a place for students to come and get work done, but the addition of The Hub elevates that assistance.

“It used to be in a smaller room, now it’s less crowded and congested and they help me out a lot here,” Hope Quintana said. “I use the computers and the tutors. If I’m ever stumped, they help me figure it out.”

Focusing on student comfort, The Hub even provides an area for students to relax and take advantage of refreshments. There is no feeling of urgency entering the lab, rather, the reassurance that you can work undisturbed on your own until assistance is needed.

“Every time I don’t have a class, I’m here writing a paper or something,” Melanie Paul said. “This is my home away from home.”

For students who feel like there is no good place to study or work, the library is home to this new relaxed, student-oriented lab. Any student can enter with an ID and use tools put in place for them.

The Hub is located on the fourth floor of the White Library.

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