No shortage of visitors at STEM lab

The Collaboratory celebrates its 1,000th student for October

Title V STEM Collaboratory Tutoring Center has celebrated its 1,000th student for the month of October.

Freshman Madysn Lira, the 1,000th student, regularly attends the tutoring center at least an hour every day for help for her chemistry class. Like many students who are apprehensive about asking for help, Lira said she “was kind of hesitant at first, but once I got here it was easy to stay.”

With the help of 12 tutors, two lab assistants, Title V STEM Coordinator Jennifer Gonzales and of course Title V Director Victor Davila, the center has been able to provide a resourceful place for students.

“We’ve had an 8 percent increase in student enrollment, and that increase is translating to more student needing more services, and needing a place to find a tutoring space or a learning environment,” Davila said.

Madysn Lira was the 1,000th student for October.
Madysn Lira was the 1,000th student for October.

“We try to keep up with learning trends and learning styles and catering to every kind of learning style is a priority of ours,” Davila said.

“A lot of the students don’t come in for tutoring, they come in to kind of hang out, do their homework,” which is something that the center encourages students to do, Gonzales said.

Students are able to use the numerous computers, whether a Mac or PC, and can also use the conference-like rooms for group projects or even to get more privacy to do their work.

“We know students have part-time jobs or other classes that are not right after one another, and the center gives them a place to come in, do their homework or get tutoring services while they wait,” Davila said.

To the center the 1,000th student represents more than a number, but an awareness that there is still room for growth and the need for student tutoring services is always growing.

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