Deal between DMC, WGU Texas eases transfers

Agreement streamlines process for bachelor’s and master’s degrees

Del Mar College and WGU Texas have officially signed a memorandum of understanding that establishes a transfer agreement between the two institutions. This agreement will streamline the transfer process for any student wishing to attend WGU Texas in pursuit of an online bachelor’s or master’s degree.

“With this agreement, we are committed to maximizing the transferability of coursework and credits from Del Mar to WGU Texas,” Del Mar President Mark Escamilla said at the Jan. 16 signing ceremony. “More students than ever before are choosing to continue their education through online degree programs like those offered by WGU Texas. These are often the best choice for students balancing work, family and school commitments.”

“There is a 5 percent tuition discount for transferring to WGU Texas from Del Mar with an associate degree.”

Xena Mercado, a WGU Texas marketing management major and DMC graduate, said the transfer between institutions was incredibly easy.

“It’s a great option, especially if you’re pursuing a bachelor’s in nursing,” Mercado said. “I know a lot of DMC students have busy schedules and family. WGU Texas works with you and makes it to where you can fit in classes on your time.”

Not only does the move make transferring easier, but WGU Texas Chancellor Steven Johnson said it also provides benefits to DMC students, faculty and staff.

“There is a 5 percent tuition discount for transferring to WGU Texas from Del Mar with an associate degree,” Johnson said. “There are also $750,000 in scholarships targeted toward community college students.”

Students can choose from over 60 online bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in disciplines such as business, teaching, nursing and information technology.

“We did another agreement about four or five years ago that was strictly for the nursing program,” Escamilla said. “This allows for more programs.”

Johnson said WGU Texas offers more workforce-specific degrees that are earned by measured learning, not time.

“There is a six-month period, not a semester,” he said. “There are also program mentors who stay with students through the entire time. These mentors are faculty members with a degree in the student’s field who advise, instruct and check in periodically.”

Mercado said the mentors are very helpful.

“I know some students have problems staying disciplined with online courses,” she said. “The course mentor calls every week to check in and make sure you are getting things done and staying on track.”

WGU Texas has flexible classes and exam times to make everything as easy as possible on students with busy schedules and family.

“You can take exams at any time, even 3 in the morning,” Mercado said. “They have online proctors and different types of exams.”

 Escamilla said WGU is another great option for students who have accomplished much in their first two years of college.

“I especially suggest this for students who switch majors a lot and have a lot of credit hours,” he said. “This is great for them. I always recommend students look at all of their options.”

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