Regents approve plan for campus

Notable design features at the Southside Campus include windows with electrochomic glass that tints automatically, a second-floor community room that will be ideal for large meetings and presentations and a library featuring views of Oso Bay, according to the Del Mar College website.
McCampbell ended his 14-year run as Del Mar regent.

The Del Mar College Board of Regents at its February meeting selected three applicants to interview for the vacant at-large position, unanimously approved the Southside Campus and said goodbye to longtime Regent Trey McCampbell. 

“I’ve only served for four years with Trey McCampbell. I am a longtime friend, admirer and colleague,” Regent Carol A. Scott said. “He’s served for 14 years as regent and a decade as chair.  He brought passion, intelligence, commitment, dedication and organizational skills to the board. It’s with fondness and deep regret we say goodbye.” 

“Is this a roast party?” McCampbell said.  

The board and attendees laughed at his joke, but the admiration from Regents continued.

“I really appreciate your mentorship. You’re like a brother to me. I won’t say whether an older brother or younger, but like a brother. I appreciate your leadership and all of the things you’ve accomplished,” Regent Nick Adame said. 

Del Mar President Mark Escamilla also expressed his gratitude for McCampbell’s service.

“Graduation rates are at an all-time high in the last two semesters,” Escamilla said. “Thank you for your leadership.”

McCampbell spoke through tears as he said his goodbye to the board he’s been on since 2004.

“That is the nicest roast I’ve ever had. It’s been a pleasure to serve on the Board of Regents.  The work Del Mar and the regents do is life changing,” McCampbell said. “As a young boy I came to Del Mar with my mother. I remember being excited that I was on a real campus. So, always remember that first impressions always matter.”

In 1973, he became a paying student at Del Mar, calling it accessible and affordable. In 2004 he saw an opportunity to pay the school back by participating on the Board of Regents. 

“Goodbyes are never easy, but I will quote a great philosopher, Winnie the Pooh,” McCampbell said. “How lucky am I that makes saying goodbye so hard?” 

The board held a closed session to discuss narrowing down the regent applicants to three. The motion to interview Libby Averyt, Dr. Larry Lee and Sandra Messbarger was brought to the board by Gabriel Rivas III. These interviews will be conducted at 1 p.m. March 4 in the Isensee Board Room, Harvin Student Center, East Campus.


Regents also unanimously approved the plans for the Southside Campus by Gensler and Turner Ramirez Architects.

“I’m really impressed with the work the architects have done. We provided a vision for them and they fulfilled that vision. It really shows us that we’re going to get our money’s worth,” Regent Gabriel Rivas III said.

Voters approved a $139 million bond proposal in 2016 to address the population explosion on the southside. Del Mar expects to begin construction of the campus in fall 2019, with substantial completion by summer 2021. Full occupancy is anticipated by August 2021. After all four phases of construction are complete, the campus will accommodate up to 15,000 students.

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