The best lesson is to learn

I am sad that my time with the Foghorn News is coming to a close. However, as I reflect on the stories I have written, the people I have met and the lessons I have learned, I could not feel more satisfied. Here is why. 

Since I began writing for the Foghorn in fall 2016, I have had the privilege of reporting on the issues that most matter to Del Mar College students. I truly believe the people of this school are some of the best and the brightest, and to have served them has been a pleasure.

Being news editor this semester has been such an incredible learning opportunity. To be able to watch and participate in the making of this paper has been an absolute joyride.

But what makes the Foghorn the greatest that it is is the team behind it, my fellow editors. The people who make this possible are some of the most talented, hardworking people I know. Down to every headline, cutline and byline, everything is attributed to this dedicated group of individuals. I am lucky to have had the benefit of working alongside them throughout this journey.

I cannot go without thanking my advisers, Robert Muilenburg and Scott Beckett. Both have taught me the ins and outs of the rules of journalism. With their wonderful guidance and support, I have become a better writer because of them and I could not be more grateful.

Lastly, I would like to thank anyone who has ever picked up a Foghorn or retweeted a tweet or shared Facebook post from us, because ultimately it is the students who really drive this paper into continuing the good work that it does. 

I look forward to taking what I have learned here as I move onto the next chapter of my life, pursuing my bachelor’s degree in journalism at Texas State University. 

Now, let’s get this bread.  

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